KEYNOTE022: Triplet therapy for BRAF melanoma

Source: Ecancer, November 2018

Prof Paolo Ascierto speaks with ecancer at ESMO 2018 in Munich about results from a phase 2 randomised study of dabrafenib and trametinib plus PD-L1 checkpoint therapy pembrolizumab for BRAFm advanced melanoma.

Prof Ascierto discusses how immuno-oncology is adding to melanoma treatment, with the dabrafenib trametinib combination already found effective in the adjuvant setting through the COMBI-AD trial.

The results, including the improved CR rate of 18% v 13% and median duration of response of 18.7mo v 12.5mo must be weighed against the increased toxicity profile, with 40% of patients discontinuing from the triplet therapy due to adverse events.

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