ICR scientists put melanoma under the microscope for BBC documentary

Source: ICR, July 2019

Earlier this year, ICR researchers were given a unique opportunity to image a primary tumour from a patient and discuss it with them as part of a documentary for BBC Four, airing on Monday 24 June at 9pm. Here, we show some of the amazing images they produced and explain how their related research is advancing our understanding of melanoma.

Researchers who study fundamental principles in biology rarely have the opportunity to work with patients. Even if their work relates to diseases like cancer, much of their time will be spent at a bench in a lab working on molecules and cells they can’t actually see.

But at the beginning of the year we were contacted by a documentary maker who wanted to do something a bit different. They wanted to really unpick the science behind the disease, behind the discoveries that led to the latest game-changing treatments and the research that will become the treatments of the future.

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