Gibney Breaks Down the Evolving Treatment Landscape of Melanoma

Source: Onc Live, June 2022

Geoffrey T. Gibney, MD, discusses current treatment options for patients with melanoma, clinical trials that have explored different agents and combinations, and developing treatment options in uveal melanoma.

A lack of approved treatment options exist for patients with melanoma who have progressed on an anti–PD-1 therapy in later lines of treatment, according to Geoffrey T. Gibney, MD. However, new clinical trials evaluating agents such as tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy, TLR-9 agonists, and combination therapies are working to address this unmet need.

“We look at the melanoma field, and we see a lot of exciting developments. This is clearly changing the course for patients. The treatment decisions are getting more complex, and this requires more of a multidisciplinary, integrated approach. This is particularly [true] when patients have multiple options that include surgery, radiation, or systemic therapy,” Gibney said in an interview with OncLive® following an Institutional Perspectives in Cancer (IPC) webinar on melanoma.