Eroglu Examines the Clinical Utility of ctDNA as an Emerging Biomarker for Melanoma Treatment

Source: OncLive, February 2022

Zeynep Eroglu, MD, discusses the potential of ctDNA as a noninvasive biomarker in melanoma, outlines different assays under development, and details potential opportunities to leverage ctDNA in treatment decision making.

Serial plasma circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) dynamics appear to correlate with response to anti–PD-1 therapy or disease relapse in patients with melanoma, underscoring its potential as a noninvasive biomarker, according to Zeynep Eroglu, MD, who added that remaining questions include defining clinically meaningful lead times, optimal sampling schedules, and cost.

In a presentation delivered during the 2021 Society Melanoma Research Congress, Eroglu detailed research exploring the utility of the personalized and tumor-informed ctDNA assay, Signatera, in monitoring for minimal residual disease (MRD), response, and recurrence in different subsets of patients with advanced melanoma.