Analysis confirms RFS benefit of adjuvant high-dose interferon alpha in melanoma

Source: Healio, November 2019

Adjuvant high-dose interferon-alpha continued to demonstrate improvements in RFS and melanoma-specific survival among patients with resected high-risk melanoma, according to updated results of the randomized E1684, E1690, E1694 and E2696 trials.

Previous study results established high-dose interferon-alpha as standard-of-care adjuvant therapy for this patient population.

The current analysis — conducted after a median 17.9 years for the E1684 trial, 12.2 years for the E1690 trial, 16 years for the E1694 trial, and 16.5 years for the E2696 trial — confirmed the RFS benefit of high-dose interferon-alpha. Additionally, investigators observed a significant difference in melanoma-specific survival among patients treated with high-dose interferon-alpha vs. the ganglioside GM2/keyhole limpet hemocyanin vaccine in the E1694 trial.

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